Art In NYC

This art was on a building just a few doors down from The New World Stages where we saw Avenue Q on W 50th Street in NYC. I am so drawn to the palette and the energy of this work. I am also ridiculously inspired by the play of all these colors together…especially drawn to the pop of red. I want to do more work like this. I used to do a lot more line drawing work. I want to get back at it and this work has really caught my attention.

I hope you enjoy it too and if anyone knows who the artist is I would greatly appreciate a head’s up. I thought my picture captured the name and now I can’t find it. Enjoy your day and I hope something that crosses your path sparks your creativity.

Jane Frank’s Jewelry Class

This is some of the work completed today at Jane Frank’s class that I take with a few other inspired women on Monday mornings. The glass pendant was created with remarkable attention to detail. Martha, it turned out beautifully. The two rings were done by Anastasia and I think the design is really interesting. I want to steal this idea for my next jewelry project in class. I love the play of the industrial design with the more delicate piece on top—very Rock & Roll, Anastasia.

The copper pieces I created today to use as the center piece for my leather pendants. I can’t wait to incorporate them into my designs. The copper looks amazing on blue leather.

Here is the link to Jane’s website.

The inspiration of Mr. Softie

Mr. Softie

I love old advertising and logos. Mr. Softie hits every note—clean, memorable, classic primary colors, negative space so you can rest your eye in the overload of NYC and the logo connects to a simpler time. Yes, indeed I want some ice cream. Thank you Mr. Softie!

NYC the first few days…

NYC in the Spring—is there anything more perfect? We strolled in Central Park, took in a few shows, saw friends and soaked in what the city has to offer. On Monday after securing tickets for the afternoon taping of The Colbert Report, we got in line at the appointed hour. We knew all audience members had to be 18, but we thought with us and being a giant 17 year old that they would let him in with his parents. Well, they won’t. So, if you try to take your minor children to a taping of The Colbert Report, or The Daily Show or Letterman or Saturday Night Live or any of the others they will not let you in. Bummer. Oh well, we had an adventure trying and now we know the real benefits of turning 18 in America. It isn’t to vote or go to war. It is to go to tapings of shows that have live studio audiences. PS if you’re looking for these tickets as a birthday present-they are free. You just have to check their sites often.

Bryant Park/NYC in the Spring


Bryant Park is one of my favorite places in the city. After a madcap week of college hunting we are home in Burlington, VT where Spring has not arrived quite the way it has 5 1/2 hours south of us. Gorgeous. More images and inspirations tomorrow.