Ed Chesnovitch, Pastel Artist/Cape Cod

Ed Chesnovitch

Along Scorton 18 x 18


I just met this interesting, multi-talented artist buying a Town Neck T-shirt. Beautiful work—the light is just inspired. Please check out both Ed’s paintings and the graphic design work he has done. I look forward to maybe a studio visit one day to see more of his art.

Artists and the WPA

Is it time for another Works Project Administration?

“Of all of Roosevelt New Deal programs, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) is the most famous, because it affected so many people’s lives. Roosevelt’s vision of a work-relief program employed more than 8.5 million people. For an average salary of $41.57 a month, WPA employees built bridges, roads, public buildings, public parks and airports.” —American Experience

Lisa Lillibridge, dance, sing
A few of my carved pieces from a 2009 series in homage to the WPA. “Dance” & “Sing”

Two Great Links about WPA
FROM: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/features/general-article/dustbowl-wpa/


Thread Hunters Unite!


I like to find connections. Don’t you just love it when you hear about something new to you—a book, a movie etc. and suddenly your whole world seems to be talking about whatever just came on your radar? This to me is where we find such meaning in our everyday lives. Connections make us feel a part of something bigger. Keep looking for those connections that make the world seem more interesting and less scary. Thread hunters unite!

New Bohemia Signs

The story of this old world sign painting company in San Francisco was on NPR’s show 99% Invisible (which is a great quirky show). New Bohemia Signs is one of those companies that makes you appreciate old world craftsmanship. They seem very modern and yet this was the way business was done not so long ago. You got your hand painted sign or had a professional sign painter come carefully place gold letters that proudly displayed your business name. It lent a sense of place and history and legitimacy to your establishment.

This company just seems so reflective of the kind of world and economy we seem to be collectively aching to get back to. The butcher shop, green grocer and bakery on main street. The Mom & Pop shops that knew every kid in town. These signs remind us that we will pay a little more and buy from the local place where we have a thread. Yes, it is really convenient to have your goods land at your door. However, a connection or conversation with someone in line makes life way much more interesting. My Dad told me when I moved to Burlington, VT 23 years ago that I needed to have a relationship with my bankers. He said don’t drive through and never talk to anyone. He was right. I like chatting with the tellers and I like that I don’t have to show a driver’s license every time I do a transaction. They know me.



Kaletinis with the girls…



kaftan with kale bouquet

Vermonters just love their kale. We can’t hardly get enough—we massage it for salads, add it to our smoothies and put it on on our tacos and sandwiches. So, last summer in an effort to up my kale consumption I developed my signature Kaletini. It is an acquired taste and as my friend Sandy described it last year, it is a bit “algaeic”. Last night was a particularly yummy batch. I however, don’t really like measuring I just go on how it feels so some batches were a little heavier on the vodka, some on the citrus and some were a little too “kaley”. So get out those vegetables you don’t know what to do with from your CSA share or the farmer’s market and start developing cocktails. You might just discover something delicious.

Thank you Rachel Trooper for your photographs. Follow her on instagram @ redjersey.

Eh, I Could Eat

Town Neck Boardwalk approach, Lillibridge, The Town Neck Company, Dakota 1966

boardwalk jumping

The Town Neck Company, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Sandwich, Mass, Eh, I could eat

This is the board that represents my family on the Boardwalk in Sandwich Mass. My husband’s mother wasn’t really proud of our choice, but it is a pretty good family slogan. It’s near where everyone jumps off at high tide. Here’s to summer!

An Octopi in NYC?

Octopus in NYC


I like to play with illustrator and layer photos. After I made this image I did a little web search for Octopi in NYC. I came across some interesting finds. One of them was Octopus Talent—a boutique agency representing post-production artists of all types in the media industry. I love behind the scenes folks, the unsung hero’s in all aspects of life. I also really admire when people thank everyone who has helped them on their journey. We all need to be reminded to thank those folks that have made our lives a little easier, or helped a project run smoother or gave us an idea that sparked us. Teachers, parents, friends, mentors, custodians, coaches—whoever it is you need express gratitude to…it is never too late.

P.S. If you’re looking for an agency to represent your post production skills you might want to check this agency out.