Flea Market Gems Today

Flea Market Finds today

Flea Market Finds today

flea market fabric, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

It was the best Sandwich, Mass flea market of the summer. Truly a gorgeous day with no threat of rain and not too hot and the vendors came out of the woodwork. My daughter, Willa and I were drawn in by so many shiny objects. Here are a few of my purchases—love the vintage purple bag and the curtain was a bit cut up, but there is still a lot to work with…pillows? a bag?. I also purchased two money clips for Jeff one with a bowler on it (to remind him of me-decent bowler) and one with an alter boy.

Good luck with your treasure hunting wherever your journey takes you.

The Color of Listening


I saw umbrella and it just spoke to me. The color and the hopefulness. I hope you find it inspiring too. Make this a great week of your summer! Try asking yourself—what can I do differently than last week? What is working for me? What have I been avoiding? Who should I contact? Ask yourself just one of these questions. Wait. Listen for the answer…ACT.

“There’s a lot of difference between listening and hearing.”
—G.K. Chesterton

Beach Sticker Booth

Sticker Booth Town Neck

Beach Sticker Booth, Town Neck

I saw this unique installation at the beach sticker booth at Town Neck Beach in Sandwich, Mass. It is fake, but the light was just perfect to make this look so cool. All about perspective and taking the time to look around and see what interesting things we notice in our world.

Preparing for STRUT/Art Hop

Lillibridge, BW bag, playing with texture

I am getting ready for STRUT-the Art Hop fashion show in Burlington, VT with friends and fellow designers Jen Francois and Maggie Pace. I am not ready to make the accessories needed for the show until we see all of the looks, color, scale, fabric texture and model proportions. So, for now I am contentedly playing with texture on the numerous drop cloths I have kicking around. Here’s one of my creations.

http://seaba.com/art-hop/ Tickets on sale now for the fashion show.

Drop Cloth Bags

drop cloth bag before, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

final bag, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

Today I made something and it has been a while. I don’t do so well in the heat, but I had to create. My workspace is now a makeshift studio in the garage, but there was lovely breeze. It was great to work simply for the sake of artistic expression. I wasn’t terribly vested in the outcome. I just needed to get into a project and shut my brain off for a while. Exercise, making something, cooking, swimming…whatever it takes for a “brain break”—I highly recommend doing this. I am mellowed out and the problem solving part of my brain works at a more efficient/less frantic pace when I am working with my hands.

Pioneer Works Co.

pioneer water, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

I saw this on my walk back from the Post Office. I was drawn to the color of the paint on the asphalt. The business that makes these drain caps is “Pioneer Works Company”. It reminds me of my South Dakota clan and the pioneering they did 108 years ago. We can easily forget about businesses like this unless they are part of our personal industry. Try to notice the company that makes something you see/use every day. America still makes a lot of remarkably useful things.

http://www.pioneerworksco.com/#! Here’s the link.

Oh, this wallpaper…

I love everything about the design of this kitchen. The storage, the warmth and the function. But, I especially love the retro wallpaper as the pop of color. So cool!

Here is a link to one site that has vintage wallpaper. There are quite a few options.