Thank you Carmen Almon.


Rarely in my life have I felt envy or jealousy. I am grateful for this aspect of my personality. I am usually so happy to witness talent, creativity and ingenuity that it brings me to tears. However, when I finally got to last Sunday’s New York Times T magazine last night envy and jealously crept into my psyche. Here is the opening line of the article on Carmen Almon, “At the Bordeaux apartment of American artist Carmen Almon, palest blue morning glories twine up a bamboo trellis, bosomy peonies preen their ruffled edges, and exuberant cherry blossoms stretch their branches toward the sky…”. They had me at “the Bordeaux apartment”. Her work is so magnificent and old world and yet so truly modern in technique. Check out the links to her work and the NYTimes story about her. Perhaps you will be as wowed by her as I am. Happy Friday.

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Quick homage to Carmen Almon

My quick early morning photo sketch in homage to her work.

Design Ideas For The Day

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, materials of the day

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, design ideas for the day

Everyone is in school…whew. I am now off to the studio to work on the bags for the STRUT fashion show in Burlington, Vt on September 7th. Oh, I love a good deadline. Here are some of the materials I’ll be working with today. I am armed with two packs of leather needles, loads of material options, design ideas and a stretch of time. Should be a good day indeed.

Back In The Studio Again…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, vine covered studio door

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, studio

Lisa Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, bag from old leather coat

I am so pleased to be getting back into the rhythm (never looks right this word) of things. School started today for my son, Ellis and my twin 8th graders, Lucy and Willa start on Thursday. I love summer, but it is time for us all to go forth and do our respective things.

I did a lot of clean up in my studio last spring and it was instantly motivating to know that soon I get to spend hours and hours there again. I did have to cut some grapevine to be able to enter the space which felt uniquely a little sacred and hidden. A creative oasis of my own.

We are working on the fashion show and I am playing with this bag shape from an old leather coat (with oddly short sleeves) that someone dropped off at my door last spring. I am going to decide on the shape and take it to one of the leather shops to get professionally stitched…a red tulle handle perhaps for the fashion show on September 7th. Hope you have a creative day!

Here we go…

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, sagamore bridge

Bridges represent a lot of our lives—youth to adulthood, uneducated to educated and the literal from one point to another. In this first week of school the bridge represents lack of structure in our days to highly structured and it is challenging…not quite as elegant as the photo seems. So, lets not be too hard on ourselves trying to bridge these worlds. It is an imperfect science and challenging—savor the sweetness of summer and ease into the school schedule. We still have 26 days until the official end of summer.

Handpainted Wallet

Lisa Lillibridge, handpainted wallet, Dakota 1966, outside wallet

handpainted wallet inside, Lillibridge, Dakota 1966

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, inside wallet close up

I painted this today for the shop—Mosees in Barnstable, Mass. I love the weave of this tri-fold wallet. I think my year of painting is going to be delving into working primarily in monochromatic color palettes. I am finding something very soothing about them. I also find that when I can get hyper focused in one direction I tend to do my best work. When we can narrow focus in any area of our lives it can yield big rewards. Also, I read the other day that if you wiggle your toes when your focus is waning it can bring you back. Worth a shot, huh?

A Jetsons Bouquet for you.

Lillibridge Jetson's bouqet

I loved the Jetsons as a kid. I thought we would be living a much more space age life in 2013…a little disappointing actually. So, I created a bouquet I would love to be handed in honor of my childhood space age fantasies. Enjoy!