Local Muscle Movers—Cool Concept

I took this photo while heading back to Burlington after Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. I thought the art was so cool and I wanted to head home to check them out. This is a moving company of artists and athletes that started in Portland, ME and now has a franchise in Burlington. They wanted to be a trustworthy moving company with good work ethic PLUS the branding looks like an old-timey barbershop—BONUS. They have art on the truck that shows up at First Friday events in Portland and they are creating a film festival. Interesting…

Local Muscle is Portland, Maine and Burlington, Vermont’s premier moving company

From their Website
“After inspecting the local Portland moving scene, we realized that there was a lack of moving companies who provided an honest, trustworthy, and respectable work ethic…Moving can be stressful, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the character of your moving company.”

Lead With Love-Not…


Now that the holidays are upon-all we need to remember is to LEAD WITH LOVE-NOT FEAR. It isn’t easy when the days are short, routines are gone, travel is interrupted and we’ve over indulged. I am hoping to repeat this for the next 30 days. I will forget too many times-but I am going to try. This simple phrase could make a big the difference on the road, in the check-out line at the store and of course with our friends and families. So, take a deep breath and say it to yourself…lead with love-not fear. Happy Holidays!

What if today…


we all did something nice-like buy a coffee for a complete stranger? I know this isn’t a novel idea-but it is one we need to periodically be reminded of. My grandfather in rural South Dakota wanted to buy every kid in our small town of Burke an ice cream cone. Simple enough, right? He got such a kick out of the kids that would actually confess that he had indeed bought them an ice cream cone on another occasion. Generosity needs to be modeled for our kids and for ungenerous adults. So, put a deposit in the karmic bank-we all need a little capital for those less than generous times.

Using the WRONG Tools





I was struck today as I worked around my messy studio that it’s a hassle to not use the right tool. It’s obviously true if you are stitching with a mason nail, hammering a light bulb or securing lace with a nail. The right tool is usually with me all the time. But, I waste time when I just need to make a phone call, or write an e-mail and inquire or apologize. Perhaps the next time I will just grab the right tool and get ‘er done.

experimenting with leather


I started playing with ways to make the cords for my pendants be a part of the piece. This doesn’t hit the mark, but it is the start of an idea that I want to play with. I like the idea of more of a lariat style. The scale is off. I’m not wild about the colors. It is too long. I would consider it a good experiment in what I DON’T want it to look like. Back to the drawing board. Oh, how I love process.



I love this term and no matter what you’re peddling—you need a MAVEN. We all do. I write a lot about trying to cut through “the noise” of media in everyday life. If you have someone who is trusted to peddle your goods or ideas or creations—you must be selling. Life is busy, we want to be shown the best of the best from someone trusted in our network and beyond. To find someone who can bark about you will be a real asset to your endeavor.

I try to do this for my friend’s businesses and creations but there is an art to the methodology. Timing is indeed everything. So is the message and messenger. I encourage you to seek someone out who has been a champion of your product and let them add MAVEN to their resume. Please send me stories about how this affected your business. Good Luck!

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Just Too Much Fun

These images are so much fun. Perhaps it will inspire your own version of this series. Send them to me if you do shoot your own please.