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I am traveling to Italy today with my family. I can’t wait to see Italian life through my children’s eyes. I don’t know if I will be posting while I am traveling. I hope you have an inspired week and I will post photos upon my return on the 3rd of March.



Avila Adobe cir. 1818

candelabra, LA, Lillibridge

This was in the Avila Adobe, the oldest surviving home in Los Angeles. I was so struck by the beauty and simplicity of this candelabra in the dining room. You could just picture family meals and all of the bustling activity in this home. The candle shadows from the flames on the deep adobe walls would’ve been just stunning. The space was so cool and quiet with a lovely central courtyard space filled with citrus trees. The way the home was build felt like a real refuge and protected from the outside world.

Here is a link to information about the Plaza District in LA.

Gabriel Axel—Babette’s Feast Director

Mr. Axel Babette's Feast Lillibridge

Gabriel Axel, a director whose 1987 labor of love, “Babette’s Feast,” received the first foreign-language Oscar awarded to a Danish motion picture — and heralded a growing popular interest in all things food — died on Sunday (February 9th) in Copenhagen. He was 95.

Thank you & Farewell Mr. Axel, Babette’s feast is one of the absolute movie delights of my lifetime. I want to see it with my children.

Here is the link to his NYTimes obituary:

fatigue • rest • insight

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I, am an insomniac. My brain often doesn’t allow me to sleep. I have, for most of my life considered it a gift that I didn’t need much sleep. But, alas now at the tender age of 47 I find myself not quite functioning as well on 4-5 hours of rest as I did when I was younger…and my creative life is suffering. I wish I could say that this is a new issue for me, but it is not. I walked in my sleep as a kid (sometimes waking with swimsuits on, or having made myself a quart of ice tea, or once even walking home from a “lock in” (allegedly locked in) at my church one block away from my home. That night I didn’t awaken until I was knocking on the door.

I am going to explore the depths of my sleep (and lack thereof) with a cognitive behaviorist who specializes in sleep issues. I am writing about this today because my focus is beyond fuzzy. I couldn’t possibly get to a place of insight right now. So, now I am about to res. I feel quite guilty about resting in the middle of the day. However, I’m a menace to society if I’m driving and not very pleasant to be married to or parented by. FATIGUE. REST. INSIGHT.

I think this is a common problem with creatives. Occasionally I wish that I didn’t see so much potential in everything, but I don’t know another way and all these possibilities keep me awake. I would be curious if this is an issue you’ve dealt with. Please e-mail if you have a story or a trick about what worked for for you. Sweet Dreams.

New Pendant

Lillibridge, dakota 1966, new pendant

I am working on some new ways to shape my leather pendants. I will show more process soon. Have a great creative day!

Find The Beauty—photos by Cynthia Mackowick

Cynthia Mackowick:find the beauty (YOU WILL WANT TO CLICK THROUGH TO HER BLOG)

These are staggering images. Years ago my former sister-in-law and I took my twin girls on a drive around my home town of Burke, SD. While Lucy and Willa napped Fee and I walked in and out of abandoned farmhouses. Truly enthralled by what we were witnessing. There were pots still on the stove. Boots and shoes by the front door. Coats and clothes strewn across the bed. Stuffing coming out of chairs that small creatures had made their home. It was amazing and I’ve always wanted to go take the pictures that Cynthia had the privilege of shooting. I am so grateful to have started the day by viewing these images. Amazing. Thank you Cynthia—you’ve made my Monday dense and rich.

“This trip included some of my favorite abandoned properties to date…Two different properties that told two different stories. The old farmhouse with the herd of cattle watching us explore was full of color and texture – a feast for a photographers eyes. I could only imagine the grandeur of this home when she was alive with activity. The other property included in this post was just as incredible, but for a different reason.”
—Cynthia Machowick

hatch or go bad


Today's blogpost

Los Angeles





Here are a few of my photos from LA. It was remarkable to have even a little bit of time in The City of Angels and even more remarkable to come home to a blizzard in Vermont. Seeing dense, saturated color was truly inspiringand I am ready to get to work with this palette.

California umbrella color palette

California Textures






I have had the good fortune of traveling in California with friends this week…heading home tonight. My bucket is absurdly full from my adventures and hijinx and all that I’ve experienced. I am so anxious to incorporate these California textures into my work. After traveling I always feel that I can see things through an altered perspective.

Dream Big



This is in the office of The Boomerang Project in Santa Cruz, California. Great message, eh?