prairie + bohemian influences for STRUT

bohemian influences Lillibridge dakota 1966 strut burlington vermont

Lillibridge mixed materials bohemian bag

I’m working on my projects for one of Burlington Vermont’s big art events STRUT a fashion show on September 6th. I am down to 9 days to complete my looks so my work needs to be very intentional and organized. I’m going for a laid-back bohemian, modern prairie vibe. Here are a few influences and one of the completed projects. I might show you more of what I am working on, however there’s a pretty good chance that I lose myself in my studio for the next week. I’ll show you all of the finished projects though. I wish you a creative Thursday, however that manifests in you.

Here’s the link to the event:

It’s all in perspective.



I was working in my studio yesterday on deadline for a big project on deadline (September 6th-YIKES) and I had this realization. Sometimes life looks so daunting if you look through a big scope. When I narrowed the way I was seeing what needed to be done, it really settled my nervous system down. I took these photos of the same sculpture in Milwaukee last week. What a difference leaning down a bit made in my perspective.

“The Calling” is a sculpture by American artist Mark di Suvero in O’Donnell Park, which is on the lakefront in Milwaukee across a footbridge to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

college, coffee, poetry & connecting



This week my husband and I took our son to college in Milwaukee. He’s a freshman attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design or MIAD. Milwaukee is a great city and the local coffee shop is Colectivo Coffee. My son, Ellis has been a big coffee drinker since the age of 9—thanks to friends who own Mirabelles in Burlington, Vermont.

I just loved the aesthetic and color story of Colectivo and now have a good sense of where he’ll be hanging out with new friends. On Thursday morning, my husband Jeff and I were having breakfast at the one located on Lake Michigan. I started talking to a Timothy Kloss who was sketching and reading something very amusing at the next table. Turns out his Dad (Gerald Kloss) was a humor columnist for the Milwaukee Journal. Timothy proceeded to recite a beautiful piece his Dad had written about him when he was two about a robin being just out of his reach. Anyway, it was an interesting morning at the coffee shop and I am sure that Ellis will create many memories hanging out there too. Maybe one day he will even get to the weekly poetry/painting night Timothy hosts. Here’s all the links. Have a great Saturday!<img

Abandoned Farmhouse Hunting in South Dakota







I was in South Dakota for my 30 year high school reunion this summer. My Mom and I took an afternoon and went old farmhouse hunting. I did this years ago when my twins were taking a nap in the pickup and found some extraordinary places. To me there is a certain beauty in the textures and decay, but to my mother who was a farm girl there is a real sadness in seeing these places. She could see what I could see and since I grew up kicking around the farmhouses of her youth I could see the sadness as well. My Dad assured me that with a few phones calls before I come home next time that friends of his could arrange some other tours. I hope you can see both the beauty and sorrow in these photos.

CB Sacks + Jane Frank/Werkstatt = Pretty Interesting.

This is the work of a jeweler friend of mine, Jane Frank. Oh, how I love collaboration. This is a really interesting intersection of re-use, master silver/goldsmith skills and connections. These earrings truly reflect the intersection of talent and vision of these two artists.

werkstatt Jane Frank working on silver for cb sacks

Jane Frank werkstatt vermont cb sacks greenblott earrings

Yesterday I finished the prototype for earrings for Kara Greenblott`s Company—CBsacks ( She locally produces handbags from coffee bean sacks from the local “Green Mountain Coffee Roasterie” and wanted to have some accessories made out of her leather leftovers. One side shows her leather and the other the burlap of the sacks.They are framed in sterling silver with a french hook. Many more variations will follow.

Aren’t they cool? I can’t wait to keep working on different variations of the design.
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happiness is a choice

happiness lillibridge dakota 1966

After a wonderfully dense four hour conversation this morning with two very smart thoughtful friends over coffee, pastry and strawberries I learned of the book: The How of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky. I wanted to give you a quick visual for the basis of the book. I personally need to use this pie chart as a quick visual reminder for my own happiness and choices.

“But what precisely can we do to hasten or bolster such increases in happiness? The answer lies in the pie chart theory of happiness. Recall that 50 percent of individual differences in happiness are governed by genes, 10 percent by life circumstances, and the remaining 40 percent by what we do and how we think-that is, our intentional activities and strategies.” Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology at the University of California, Riverside

OUR HAPPINESS IS WITHIN OUR POWER TO CHANGE not an entirely predetermined way of life. Let that marinade in your brain a while OR put that in your pipe and smoke it. Whatever resonates more for you. It might sound ridiculous, but some little changes could net big gains in your happiness level. Maybe worth a shot, huh?

Here’s the link to the book: