Ireland 2016—part two/The Cliffs of Moher

About the Cliffs

The Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland are on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.  Isn’t that an awesome name for a dramatic shore drive…Wild Atlantic Way?  The Cliffs of Moher are 320 million years old.  They have been used in films such as Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Father Ted and The Princess Bride.  The trails on the Cliffs of Moher are part of network that enables walkers to walk town to town.  Inn to Inn.

My husband and I got to see them from the ferry returning from Inisheer (part of the Aran Islands) as well. However, with huge sea swells we were too busy losing our “Full Irish Breakfast” into the sea to take in the beauty all around us.  It’s a good thing we spent time walking the Cliffs the day prior.  It will be a while before I’ll get in a boat with swells like that again.  I’m always glad to have the story though.



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Ireland 2016—part one

I have such a strong connection to images of the road.  They truly inspire me.  These photos represent a journey, freedom, possibilities and being out of routine. Those are all such good things in my estimation.  I’m trying to organize my photos in a way that creates a few “chapters” of my recent trip to Ireland. What an astoundingly beautiful country and such remarkably warm and wonderful people.  If you’ve never been, start dreaming about some travel.

I hope you enjoy Ireland 2016—part one.

IMG_8475 IMG_8501


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Being my own best friend…

and modeling that for my children is really important to me.  I find this concept to be really crucial in my adult development.  I didn’t really understand this until I was entering middle-age. As an introvert, I’ve always loved my time alone.  However, the concept of really being my own best friend took years to fully integrate.  Thankfully, Lisa and I finally have this all pretty well figured out now…even though she can be a total pain in the ass sometimes.  I love her in spite of her flaws.

self love definedmy own best friend lillibridge

My Positive Psychology teacher Tal Ben-Shahar frequently reiterates that we have to give ourselves “permission to be human”.  This doesn’t mean that we have to accept every one of our behaviors as—”oh well, that’s me” and not even try to self correct.  It does mean however, that when we screw up, we can take notice, mend the damage, alter our behavior, move on and try to do it a little bit differently next time.

As our own BFF we have to encourage ourselves just as we would encourage a friend who is going through some of life’s trials.

own best friend lillibridge dakota


I would love to cut short some of these challenging years for my three children.  The hard years when we often aren’t so kind to ourselves…teens and early twenties.  I guess some lessons are like learning to walk before we crawl though. We simply can’t shortchange the steps.

Some of our growth requires more years of life’s joys and sorrows coupled with the experience and wisdom that follows. Regardless, I believe we can start talking to our children at a very young age about being their own best friend, enjoying their own company and knocking back negative self talk.



DEEP 6 Fixtures & Goods

Yesterday when I got to my studio I discovered that I had a new neighbor—DEEP 6 Fixtures & Goods.  Joe Wiles—Mass Art/Industrial Design graduate and Vermont Commons School/Alumni has a shop that’s filled with funky furniture, home goods, a unicycle, art and so much more that you have to swoop a few times.  Some of the goods are scavenged and some are constructed or re-purposed in unique ways.  Joe has a cool “eye” for design.  You’ll want to stop in really soon.

You can see the DEEP 6 GOODS and other vendors as well on Sunday, June 12th at the Vintage Inspired Flea Market at 180 Flynn Ave—Burlington, Vermont—noon to four.  The Switchback Taproom will be open.  Cheers!

Here’s the link to the Flea Market: BTV Flea Market Sunday June 12th

Joe’s shop link: deep 6 goods














Donate or Become a Member of Burlington City Arts today…

and when you tag my name on your donation you will be offered a chance at a drawing for Love Birds Lisa Lillibridgethis painting of mine—LOVE BIRDS.

As a new board member I know when some people think of Burlington City Arts they think about gallery receptions with an “art crowd” that isn’t their scene…but BCA is so much more.  If you live in the greater Burlington area you’ve been touched by the work of Burlington City Arts.

Art, Culture & Education is what makes Burlington a remarkable place to live, work, listen, play and learn.

An art’s education (BCA serves 10,000 kids a year) helps children become better students as they grow up and better leaders as they mature.

burlington city arts is


Please consider giving to Burlington City Arts today or become a member.  Your membership gives you discounts on classes, at area stores and restaurants and gets you on the mailing list for all kinds of interesting events.


Here’s the link to donate or become a member:

Remember to tag my name in your donation and you’re in the running for LOVE BIRDS.

Here’s to a day of giving in fabulous VERMONT!

P.S. Tell your friends too.


Finding Sidney

Last year at this time I purchased these photographs at REsource VT on Pine Street in Burlington, Vermont for $2.00 each.  Today I was cleaning out my desk and shelves and came across them again.  When I purchased theses images I was overcome with a certain amount of sadness because they had been discarded.  Thankfully they weren’t recycled.

I’ve personally had to get rid of some of my own paintings or children’s artwork before because I can’t keep everything. I know there are a million reasons why these ended up at REsource.  I’m really grateful that I stumbled upon them.

If anyone recognizes people in these photos or remembers being in a class with the photographer or any information really—please e-mail me. The first name is Sidney but I can’t make out the last name. I would love to know more.  This photographer has a remarkable sense of composition, light and emotion.  There’s a real bravery to this subject matter.

This photographer was willing to get intimate with their subjects.  For some reason it appears to me that they didn’t necessarily know the people they were shooting.  I’m not certain of that—it’s just my hunch.  I always admire that quality.  That willingness and risk can be really hard for me.  I love to shoot people, but I’m not very assertive in certain situations.  I’ve missed some great shots because of my hesitancy.  This photographer makes me feel braver and for that I’m grateful to you Sidney, whoever you are.

Please send me any information or even vague ideas about this photographs.

If you haven’t seen the documentary on NETFLIX “Finding Vivian Maier”.  It’s well worth your time.  It’s a great documentary. Vivian Maier had a really unique “eye” and her story is truly fascinating.

Here’s an excerpt of the film from the photo blog: PETAPIXEL by Michael Zhang.

“In case you haven’t been following the Vivian Maier saga, here’s a short summary: back in 2007, a 26-year-old real estate agent named John Maloof bought a box of 30,000 negatives from an estate sale for $400 (and later more photos that brought his collection to 100,000 images). Turns out it was the lifetime work of a then-unknown street photographer named Vivian Maier, whose eye for composition and brilliant shots captured the world’s attention.”












life’s purpose vs. being purposeful

I’m so weary of the world telling me to “find my purpose”.  It creates such unnecessary anxiety. Preaching PURPOSE as the only path to HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION is so common everywhere in our culture that it’s actually pretty hard to get away from.  As I pondered this life’s purpose mumbo jumbo, I had a thought that eased my mind.

What if we shifted the discussion from

“FINDING OUR PURPOSE” to simply realizing

that every day we are already being “PURPOSEFUL”? 

We all do things that make the world a better place on a “micropurpose” level all the time. These adds up to something pretty damn awesome.  We make people laugh, prepare food, hold doors, show up, smile, let something go, say “I’m sorry”, pick up the check, sit with people in grief, lend a helping hand, let someone cut in line, turn the other cheek, give hugs, wash things, lend money and encouragement, pick up trash, grab coffee, send gifts, laugh at jokes, buy a drink, text “I love you” or make a phone call, the list goes on and on.

So, instead of beating ourselves up that we haven’t found our life’s purpose—let’s just take breath (or 2 or even 3) and then take a look at how truly purposeful we are every single day of our lives.  These purposeful gestures can have a ripple effect making things better for so many beings…including ourselves.

Simply choosing to live in a purposeful manner is much easier to build upon than another day chasing the somewhat indulgent and rather elusive preoccupation with finding “LIFE’S PURPOSE”.

So here’s to not actually finding LIFE’S PURPOSE and living a life that is beautifully purposeful.

P.S. I take my coffee with only a splash of cream. 🙂  How do you take yours?