St. Pergrine & my favorite cowboy boots

I bet you are wondering why I think these two items are related? It is simple they are two of my favorite possessions. I found the statue of St. Peregrine at a yard sale years ago. I did however recently learn that St. Peregrine is the Patron Saint of Cancer Patients. I was not raised Catholic, but I am a big fan of the Saints. The boots belonged to my son, Ellis at the age of 10 until he grew out of them at 10 and a half. I have worn them ever since. They are so broken in I never want to take them off and they remind of my roots in South Dakota. I may have only done a 4-H rodeo stuff for a little while when I was in middle school, but the spirit of the west is part of the topography of my soul. These boots are much more than footwear for me.