Portfolio Review/Strategy

Yesterday a remarkable strategy discussion took place at my studio. My friend, Maggie Pace-artist/designer and knitter extraordinare http://www.pickupsticksonline.com/ helped my son get his projects organized for his portfolio deadlines rapidly approaching for his art school application. He has no shortage of ideas, in fact reigning it all in is more the challenge for him and Maggie managed it beautifully.

Now he has a plan and his artist/designer Mom can back off and let Maggie coach him through the process. Actually, I think in most cases Moms can’t manage or coach their 17 year olds. I am not a natural teacher. I work fast and so does my strategic brain. Maggie told me to kindly shut up with a smile on her face while Ellis shared his ideas, sketches, paintings and what stage projects were in currently. Maggie helped him figure out how they could be further developed to fit portfolio requirements and will set a calendar of deadlines for him to hit.

Again, I’ve been writing about this topic a lot lately. The best thing we can possibly do is know where our skills end and build the team that can develop our projects further. Whatever you struggle with, try find the people that are good at your weaknesses. I think we live in such a do-it-yourself culture that we discount our time when considering the whole process of a project. Often you can trade services or goods in exchange for some consulting.

Good luck team building whatever your project or challenges are!