my nature needs nature…


As I walked Town Neck Beach this morning I felt a peacefulness wash over me even though the churn of the sea was quite wild. There was far more seaweed than usual because of the waves and storms swirling out in the Atlantic. I started thinking about nature in its many forms.

NATURE: 1. natural scenery. 2. the external world in its entirety. 3. the inherent character or basic constitution  3. the physical constitution or drives of an organism (Merriam Webster)

I know what happens to my character & constitution when I’m too emerged into the artificial world. I feel less certain, more anxious, disconnected from my inherent nature, and my struggles feel all-consuming. Being in nature makes me realize…well, good grief, it ain’t all about me.

What if we received NATIONAL NATURE ALERTS?

THIS IS A NATIONAL NATURE ALERT:  GET out into nature immediately!  This warning is in effect EVERYWHERE for the next 10 minutes. Step away from everything artificial NOW without any form of communication and just breathe.  If you have more time it is advised that you use it freely.

When I feel more grounded in nature my challenges seem like a teeny tiny portion of the hum of the whole universe and our shared human experience.

“Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.”

—Rachel Carson