The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame/Cleveland Rocks

I finally got the chance on my road trip West to spend some time at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland with my friend of 25 years, Jen.  We quickly split up to move through the museum as we each saw fit.  I hate walking through museums with other people. I’m NOT terribly patient about being on other people’s viewing schedules. So, it was an amazing solo four hours of looking at all of this stuff that was a part of the history of American Rock & Roll.

We all have our personal connections to music so my solo time heightened those moments for me.  One of my favorite memories was walking through this hall that has a bunch of signatures and overhearing a woman say to her husband, “I hate Rush, I’ve never even understood why people do”. I inserted myself into their conversation and said that I too loathe Rush.  Sorry Rush fans.  She gave me a thumbs up and kept walking down the hallway.

  1. Michael Jackson and The Glove
  2. Hank Williams’ suit
  3. Herb Ritts’ quote and photos of David Bowie & Madonna
  4. Joe Strummer’s Guitar of The Clash
  5. Sly Stone’s vest
  6. Phish’s Flying Hot Dog by John Soeder
  7. AC/DC with lyrics to my high school rebel yell, “Highway to Hell”. Sorry Mom.
  8. Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” installation.