Yes, and…life is all improv


I have been doing a fair amount of naval gazing during my 47th year about what it’s time to let go of and where I want to direct my talents and energy. It’s exhausting. However, the word improvise has been in my head almost constantly. As an artist and a mom of three life is all improv. There is very little predictability, except that I will sometime between 10-11pm on very cold nights head upstairs for a bath to clear my cluttered, tired head.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining that I’ve created a life that isn’t a traditional 9-5 workday, but a constantly shifting schedule has its challenges too. A lot of workers around the world do not adhere to a regular schedule. It requires a lot of planning, discipline and time management skills. IMPROV.

Today, I am working on three different projects. One requires a meeting, one a thoughtful answer to clarify my position and one some real creative energy that I need to summon when I have a few hours available. And in between I need to do lots of other stuff that we all have to do to make our lives function.

I am realizing that my fatigues comes from a constant shifting of gears. It’s challenging to always be multitasking, communicating, researching and creating. And I don’t know how to work any other way. I know there are tradeoffs in however we work or live. Choices are made. I am not really offering any real solutions. However, if the basic tenant of improv is “YES, AND”. Then the flip has to be true as well, “NO”. If, and(s) and buts not required.