Schwinn font, a sidewalk grate and graffiti

I have always loved the faded, forgotten, worn out, torn up, paint peeling, sagging roof line, broken windows sort of underbelly of the world. It exists wherever we travel and live, unless maybe we chose one of those created, fake utopian villages designed to keep the riffraff out. Somehow these images spoke to me today. The true beauty of the Schwinn font that reminds me of my youth. The bullet hole look of the yellow (oh perfect yellow) of the grate two blocks from my house. And I am not pro-vandalism, but I am pro-being “all in” and if “juggle bricks” is the message you need to get out to the world than go for it.

Schwinn font my love...

Schwinn font my love…

Yes, this is beauty to me

Yes, this is beauty to me

juggle bricks at 15 mph

You juggle bricks at 15 mph

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