Handpainted Thrift Shop Bag

From This Morning's Inspiration

My color inspiration actually did have an affect on my day’s work. After my jewelry class at Jane Frank’s studio in Burlington and running some errands I finally got to my studio. Those colors I was struck by in the morning stayed with me. I kept wondering how I could use them. I wanted to sew (I have a few t-shirt reworks I want to execute). However, I didn’t really have time to get into a big sewing project so I got out my leather paints and experimented on this thrift shop bag. It needs a few more coats and the sides aren’t painted, but I love the palette. I think this is a message about setting our intentions for the day. If we set our mind to something and remain pretty aware of sticking to it—cool things can happen. Try it with—happiness, bacon, ACDC, ice cream, cowboy boots or whatever. We are powerful when we set our cap on something. What will your intention be tomorrow?

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