15 days…

Summer Advent Calendar

I know I will rattle some feathers because you find summer the most magical time of the year. I truly adore my three teenagers—but, I just don’t think it is healthy to spend this much time together. We need some routine, we need to come together at the end of the day with separate stories from out in the world.

So, I am trying to relax and enjoy these last days of summer. I think that gentle, public shaming from faculty that their work isn’t completed is way more effective than anything we can possibly say to coax them. Enjoy it all. Hang in there! They will be fine.

2 thoughts on “15 days…

  1. Yeah, but I’M the one going back to school in my family 🙂 No hurry here!
    ((Hugs)) hang in there, Lisa. It’s almost over!

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