I don’t like to rush the holiday season, but…


From Scoutmob
“Turn a negative into a positive with this Birds In Love holiday ornament. Inside the glass ornament is a print of one of the maker’s designs, which was created from cut-up vintage film negatives. The positioning of the print gives off the illusion of a 3D object. A bit of diamond dust sits at the inside bottom of the ornament for a snow-like feel. Includes a ribbon attachment for easy hanging.”
Glak Love
Trade: film cutter
Locale: Grant Park, ATL

Here is the website to SCOUTMOB. A great online makers site. Beautiful work.

Interesting to look around, but I always encourage seeking out local makers at holiday fairs and markets in your area. Basically every artist has some kind of a web presence that makes it pretty easy to at least e-mail and try to set up a studio visit or ask about where they sell their goods. The times complete strangers have found me to purchase or commission work have been some of the most rewarding experiences of my creative life. Go forth and seek a “maker” out this holiday season in your town.

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