I Want To Be Auntie Mame


I watched the Rosalind Russell “Auntie Mame” last night. I was so struck by how much one of my friends is like her (you know who you are). She is the friend that treats children like adults (which my kids adore) is witty as the day us long and keeps everyone guessing about what is coming next. Then I was struck by just how much fun life could be if our primary goal was to “live, live, live”. Auntie Mame is smart as hell and a little full if herself. She’s flawed and knows it-yet her driving principle is to improve the lives of others by helping them recognize their talents and be able to see what is holding them back from realizing their dreams.

I am 47 years old and I can’t believe last night was the first time I saw this film, but perhaps it was the perfect time for me. I am plotting my holiday follies and the ways to thoroughly rattle my nephews over the next few days. I feel I’ve reached the age where the feather earrings, giant sparkly shrug and cowboy boots are the perfect attire for Christmas dinner (or bowling). So, thank you Auntie Mame you’ve officially become my social/spiritual guide.

Have a lovely few days off with friends and family, don’t take things too seriously and if in doubt serve a drink that you light on fire.


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