Modigliani, Eames & Rauschenberg

Lillibridge layering my favorite artists

Today I was doing a search for images of the artists I adore. I want to interpret them in my style when I get back into the studio Thursday morning. I’ve almost survived school break and it is now time for innovation, industry and solitude. OH, just me, a cup of coffee, NPR and a whole day to create—HEAVEN.

So, as I started pulling these images I began seeing patterns. They compliment each other. Now, you wouldn’t instantly think that Modigliani and Rauschenberg relate at all, but they do. And those Eames chairs, well they just look like Rauschenberg had a paint splattered one in his studio. You know, they connect in the way that the objects we’ve chosen for our homes or wardrobes somehow work because they are a reflection of different parts of us. I encourage you to take a close look at what you’re drawn to, patterns will emerge and it might give you a fresh sense of your own aesthetic.

As always, I appreciate your comments. Here’s to a ridiculously creative 2014!

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