Radiant Orchid-Pantone’s Color of the Year 2014



Radiant Orchid might be a bit much for some of you to use for interior spaces. I thought I would show some combinations and ways to use it that tone it down a notch with still honoring it as Pantone’s Color of The Year. It is like winning an Oscar or Tony for color.

It is easy to use this color as a splash in fashion…jeans, a scarf or sweater without too much effort. I think my daughters basically have some version of this color on everyday. With any color going up or down the color sample to a hue that is more pleasing to you is an easy way to find what works.

Congratulations—Radiant Orchid, you are in good company with Emerald 2013, Tangerine Tango 2012, Honeysuckle 2011 and so many more fabulous colors.

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