Traveling to Africa

Painting for Ellen Sabahar


This painting is on its way to Africa this Saturday. The work on this piece started two weeks ago with a few adjectives and an idea of what Ellen, who commissioned the painting had in mind. We collaboratively came up with the concept and then I worked from photographs to try to capture the essence of the Ethiopian textiles. Working on this piece made me realize that I am so about process. I discovered how to use some new carving tools that I hadn’t work with much. I mixed a lot of colors until I got it right. I worked with the stamps. Now the piece is drying after getting a topcoat of Vermont Natural Coatings, a whey based product out of Hardwick, VT. I love this product (see link below).

The bird on the back was my way to give the painting a persona for the journey. I will really enjoy thinking about this bird hanging next to the door of a textile studio in Ethiopia.

3 thoughts on “Traveling to Africa

  1. Lisa, This turned out beautifully. I especially like the deeply carved black outlines throughout the piece. It gives it a lot of depth and is a nice counterpoint to the lightness of the colors and the floatiness of the textiles. I am so excited about the stamp letters — can’t wait to see what else you do with them. You used them very bravely here; must have been very nerve wracking. The crew in Africa will love it; now you have to find a way to visit it.

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