seeing beauty in the ordinary

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Some look at a crack in the sidewalk and it looks like a flaw—something someone didn’t repair or didn’t care about. Not me. Since I was a child I’ve found beauty in flaws and destruction. I think this helps to look at the world with less judgement. It isn’t like I am NEVER bothered by garbage or broken windows or graffiti—I just choose to see the beauty in the ordinary.

5 thoughts on “seeing beauty in the ordinary

  1. Lisa you are so right. There is beauty in everything. I often wonder about landscape and our penchant for viewing the ‘beautiful vistas’ and writing-off degraded lands and untidy scenes. It’s bit like ‘cherry picking’ only the best aesthetically pleasing views and relegating all others to the waste-land bin.B


  2. I absolutely love this! And great point about having an open mind. When I read your post I automatically thought about people; we’re all broken or cracked in some way from the challenges of life but when accepting, open minded folk come into our lives they see beauty. And from there we can form friendships and support systems in order to deal with the hardships of life.


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