Inspired by FIAT. It’s a funny story.

inspired by FIAT lisa lillibridge dakota 1966

I am half-heartedly looking for a new vehicle.  I wanted to test drive the FIAT 500L.  They’re Italian.  They’re sporty.  They certainly are cuter and more fun than driving a minivan for 5 years.  I went to the FIAT dealership to test drive one today.  I had an easy rapport with the salesman at the dealership.  He put plates on and got a car for me right away.  He showed me the basics and I was off for a test drive on a sunny, Vermont autumn afternoon.  As I was approaching a major intersection the radio click on and off.  “I will tell him about that I thought.” Then as I turned the corner onto a very major busy road I stalled.  I didn’t even have enough juice to turn the hazard lights on.

I called the dealership and told the salesman what had happened.  Now cars are honking, people are really mad at me.  I’m throwing my arms up in the international symbol for exasperation—which no one seemed to understand. Luckily I was in front of the Vermont State Police Barracks and a very kind officer came out to help me.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t want me trying to cross this intersection to ask for help.  Then the salesman showed up and jumped the car.  I flipped around and drove back to the FIAT dealership.  When I got there I think I actually felt worse for the salesman.  He was horrified.  I just had a little mishap and a great story.  He got me another car to drive and we went together for a little spin out in the country.  I am not sure my six foot tall daughter can sit in the backseat so I have to check on that.  But, I’m pretty interested and I think I will get a pretty good deal after what happened today.

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