The Provincetown Carnival


I went to Carnival in Provincetown, Massachusetts for the first time this year.  The trip was the brain child of my mother-in-law, Mary.  Thanks, Mary.  It was fun.  We got on the bus in the morning, had a cocktail and a lovely lunch (The Waterford Inn-East End) and walked around Provincetown.  I want to go back a day to walk side streets and see all of the gardens. They are remarkable. The trip was great, but there was a real tragedy.

IMG_5735IMG_5730 IMG_5729

I dropped my Ray Ban sunglasses (that were a gift from my kids) into the toilet on the bus.  Now, my girls said, “Why didn’t you just reach in and grab them?” and I did briefly consider this.  However, this was a porto potty.  It didn’t flush and the only way to wash my hands was with handiwipes.  I was able to quickly replace the glasses in the same style. My mother-in-law said that she didn’t think she could’ve looked at me with the gross glasses on no matter how well I had cleaned them up.  So, I guess the adage that “What Happens in PTown stays in PTown” just isn’t true with me. I had to tell my family what happened.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I am glad I can say I’ve seen the parade in Provincetown.

IMG_5718 IMG_5726 IMG_5737 IMG_5739    IMG_5755

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