dumbstruck & gobsmacked…

Yesterday was my 55th birthday, it was an extraordinary day in so many ways. Thank you universe, you really stepped up this year. Autumn has always been my favorite time of year and not just because I was born in October.

“A man is what he thinks about all day long.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

I’ve thought about this quote and others of this ilk a lot lately—we are the company we keep and what we focus on grows, what you become, you think…the list goes on & on.

Reading news, focusing on lack or placing blame for for how I FEEL creates chaos in my mind and wastes my energy. I’ve deliberately surrounded myself with beauty in the last week. This is pretty elemental I suppose. However, my mind’s inclination can shift on a dime if I’m not paying attention. This week my screen time is down dramatically and my mood is elevated…seems deliberateness needs to be practiced.

Do I want to be fueled by confusion, fear, and outrage or dumbstruck & gobsmacked by the absolute beauty of the universe?

I’m pretty sure I’ve answered my own question.

3 thoughts on “dumbstruck & gobsmacked…

  1. Yes, focus. Now time to put down my nightly scrolling habit. It’s very pronounced. Love your images from the Snap Field Farm and hoop house. What a glorious fall. It feels like nature’s tip of her hat following a few years of rough going.

    What you said about fall being your fave and not just cuz it’s when you were born…that’s so funny, like something a little kid might say, love your candor and wonder. I remember a poem:

    After taking pills strong enough to level a building I hug myself hard It hurts and I like it As if I were in love with the day I was born

    Kinda of dark, I know, but being in love w/the day you were born-whoa! Pretty solid sense of self. I like it.


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