Find The Beauty—photos by Cynthia Mackowick

Cynthia Mackowick:find the beauty (YOU WILL WANT TO CLICK THROUGH TO HER BLOG)

These are staggering images. Years ago my former sister-in-law and I took my twin girls on a drive around my home town of Burke, SD. While Lucy and Willa napped Fee and I walked in and out of abandoned farmhouses. Truly enthralled by what we were witnessing. There were pots still on the stove. Boots and shoes by the front door. Coats and clothes strewn across the bed. Stuffing coming out of chairs that small creatures had made their home. It was amazing and I’ve always wanted to go take the pictures that Cynthia had the privilege of shooting. I am so grateful to have started the day by viewing these images. Amazing. Thank you Cynthia—you’ve made my Monday dense and rich.

“This trip included some of my favorite abandoned properties to date…Two different properties that told two different stories. The old farmhouse with the herd of cattle watching us explore was full of color and texture – a feast for a photographers eyes. I could only imagine the grandeur of this home when she was alive with activity. The other property included in this post was just as incredible, but for a different reason.”
—Cynthia Machowick