“Heading To Norden”

Heading To Norton

I woke up thinking about the Saturday nights of my teenage years and the dancehall at Norden, Nebraska was front and center in my hippocampus. I was so pleased to discover that there are still dances there all summer. The 2013 schedule is readily available online. It was a lot of fun dancing with those cowboys. This joint was something—benches lined the walls and those cowboys and ranchers would two-step over to us, put their hands out, tip their hats and try to teach us to dance. I can picture my friends dancing with these old guys and laughing so hard at the spectacle of it all. It was so much fun! So, this painting of mine must’ve been inspired by those memories whether I knew it at the time or not. I never would’ve had the confidence to wear boots with a skirt then, but I do now—no matter how ridiculous it looks. Have a fabulous Saturday night wherever you are!

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