Unearthed Today



I cleaned my studio today. I took out loads of garbage and recycling, worked on a few projects, sorted through papers and receipts…that sort of thing. Well, look at the two gems I found through my efforts.

1) Library of Universal Knowledge—it is simply the only resource one ever needs—better than the web. I swear.

2) This fabulous Queen City brick. Burlington, Vermont is called the Queen City. I know if you live in Charlotte, Bangor or Terre Haute you live in the Queen City too. A Queen City is whatever city is considered the “social hub” of the region. No wonder it is referred to as “Queen” City because the King rarely organizes any social events. Sorry, fellas just keep slaying the beasts and dragging them home. We’re used to taking care of the family social calendar.

Here’s a link with more info:

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