Newpaper Blackout Poems/Thank You Mark

Newpaper Black Out Poem 001

“I think of you once in a while, when I do these goofy little newspaper exercises. Newspaper Blackout Poems. ( More fun than crosswords!)

Heard of them? It’s an age old practice. Start with an existing text and just start blacking out words. See what you are left with.

I always say to myself, Lisa would be good at this. You just have to have your eyes open. See a trigger word that leads you to find other words that relate. See what shakes out.

What your blog is all about. Looking around for the things that connect.”

Tinker With Language

Tweaked language to be considered
for recreation.
I want to keep the entire body
open to stale-
Changes to “evaluate”
given to the pros
to develop further.
Since they will adopt
the amended sentence.

(from my friend Mark Joyce-Poet and music aficionado extraordinaire)

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