Thank you Carmen Almon.


Rarely in my life have I felt envy or jealousy. I am grateful for this aspect of my personality. I am usually so happy to witness talent, creativity and ingenuity that it brings me to tears. However, when I finally got to last Sunday’s New York Times T magazine last night envy and jealously crept into my psyche. Here is the opening line of the article on Carmen Almon, “At the Bordeaux apartment of American artist Carmen Almon, palest blue morning glories twine up a bamboo trellis, bosomy peonies preen their ruffled edges, and exuberant cherry blossoms stretch their branches toward the sky…”. They had me at “the Bordeaux apartment”. Her work is so magnificent and old world and yet so truly modern in technique. Check out the links to her work and the NYTimes story about her. Perhaps you will be as wowed by her as I am. Happy Friday.

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Quick homage to Carmen Almon

My quick early morning photo sketch in homage to her work.

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