STRUT Fashion Show Tomorrow…

Lillibridge, Maggie Pace, Jen Francois

Lillibridge, red leather patchwork

lillibridge, black leather bag out of scraps

Lillibridge, early stages of portfolio painting

We still have quite a lot of details to pull together before 6:30 tomorrow night. But, here is a glimpse of what is done so far. The top was done by Maggie Pace and Jen Francois. I will post the finished product next week.

I am working on bags that are using all of the leather scraps in my studio. I am having fun playing with the patchwork designs. I think I’m a crazy quilter.

The painting is in the early stages for a portfolio I am creating. This needs at least a few hours to be carved, sealed and have all of the other finishing touches.

Happy Friday!

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  1. I just showed my sister Isabelle the stuff you made with her leather coat… She recognized it… the coat comes from a bag that was given by the salvation army to the prison where she used to work… she saw it, fell in love and stole it… Apparently that runs in the family 😉

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