The underbelly of my work today.

Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, STRUT

I have always loved raw edges, off kilter, burned out and the like. I notice it everywhere and I seem to enjoy some of those same qualities in the people I choose as well. Today while I was creating the accessories for the fashion show I kept being struck by the underside of things I was working on. I generally don’t much care about perfection or details. My brain is most rewarded for expression of ideas, problem solving and other broad view, big picture, grand scheme sorts of thoughts.

This week I’ve delved into details and it has been rewarding and good golly, it requires a different level of concentration. I found my brain is being equally rewarded by being so hyper focused. I think we can get stuck in thinking we are a certain type of person, therefore…(fill in the blank for yourself). I want to up my level of detail. I want to acquire more skills and this week’s work has shown me that I am capable of shifting my personal narrative. Maybe even a slightly off kilter shift.

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