Most Important Thing?

Lisa Lillibridge, Dakota 1966, Libra, awareness

OK, whether you are a Libra or not it doesn’t matter. I am, or this wouldn’t be on my radar. Yes, the most important thing is indeed to find out what the most important thing is. The thought of long days of meditation or long walks in wild places sounds truly amazing and a very good practice. However…

I live in Burlington, VT in 2013 with three teenagers, my husband and our cat, Karen. There are lots of important things. Some of those important things like the nesting I did when my family was young I don’t care very much about anymore. I want to put my energy into the whatever is utilizing my talents best and fueling me as well. Ideally something that would allow a late afternoon nap of about 23 minutes would be great too. Perhaps the act of SEEKING is actually the m.i.t. We all have to figure this out ourselves and be open to the people, ideas, stories and signs that might get us closer to the big discovery. Good luck on your quest—wherever it takes you today.

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