Local Muscle Movers—Cool Concept

I took this photo while heading back to Burlington after Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. I thought the art was so cool and I wanted to head home to check them out. This is a moving company of artists and athletes that started in Portland, ME and now has a franchise in Burlington. They wanted to be a trustworthy moving company with good work ethic PLUS the branding looks like an old-timey barbershop—BONUS. They have art on the truck that shows up at First Friday events in Portland and they are creating a film festival. Interesting…

Local Muscle is Portland, Maine and Burlington, Vermont’s premier moving company

From their Website
“After inspecting the local Portland moving scene, we realized that there was a lack of moving companies who provided an honest, trustworthy, and respectable work ethic…Moving can be stressful, and you shouldn’t have to worry about the character of your moving company.”

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