Half/full or a Half/empty?


Will you think less of me if I confess that I LOVE JANUARY? I know a lot of folks feel quite down after the hustle/bustle of the holidays so I am challenging you to shift your perspective a little and embrace January.

Don’t get me wrong, I really had a great holiday with my family (both immediate and extended). And yet I find myself longing for January days. I think most people would describe me as a half/full kind of gal (and generally that is true). However, by December 28th this introvert needs some solitude, work, rest and my regular diet. I am feeling more than a little half/empty now but I am not going to beat myself up about it and hey, January is just days away. Perspective…

When I think about January the hair stands up on the back of my neck with excitement. I am planning to get to work on a new series of paintings and the drawings and ideas are flowing into my sketchbook. We settle into our routine-with three teenagers routine is a rather silly term, but rhythm anyway. I will clean my closet out on New Year’s Day and am planning to binge on Project Runway All Stars while I get it done. There are things planned, people to see and industry to pay attention to. The days are lengthening, the light changes and spring is only 2.5 months away. So, instead of dreading January you can be its master and make it the month you need it to be.

January really deserves to be loved like December. Please write me and let me know if this was helpful for you. I would love to hear your thoughts.

1 thought on “Half/full or a Half/empty?

  1. I LOVE this Lis! I could not agree more…the holidays always leave me wishing I had done more (enjoyed more, planned more, relaxed more). I am never sure if I let it down or it let me down, but either way, I feel a little down. Looking forward to January is all about perspective – embracing all it has to offer and it newness and hope is just the kick in the ass I need to pull me out of a wee bit of post holiday funk. Rock on sister!! xoxo

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