Dear 2018…

PrintDear 2018,

I’m going to work on my judgement and I would really appreciate your support.  My stated goal for the new year is to practice some radical acceptance of myself and others.  I heard this term somewhere recently and it really resonated for me.

acceptance defined: the act of accepting something or someone

It’s actually pretty simple according to Merriam Webster…simple in definition only.  Not in practice.  It will require training, diligence and literally biting my tongue sometimes…and I will fail often and try again.

Is acceptance the polar opposite of judgement?   

Don’t we all want the same things—to be loved, feel safe and possess some sense of belonging in this crazy world.  The world seems to be crying out for more connection, not more judgement.

I’ve noticed that my curiosity can smooth the jagged edges of my judgement. When I get curious about people, ideas, choices, places, well…everything, I’m far less likely to judge, because I jazzed about my new knowledge.  Dear 2018, please help me remember to utilize the power of my curiosity.  MORE CURIOSITY = LESS JUDGEMENT

Here’s to 2018 & whatever you choose to do with it…it’s none of my business.



the power of 5%.

I was reminded this morning of how I can be an ALL or NOTHING sort of person in my proclamations.  I LOVE CHANGE.  I love change so much more than the rest of my family and it drives them totally bonkers.  EXAMPLE:  If I could flip the rooms where the kitchen and the living room are I would do that.  I have to satisfy that part of my nature somehow and it’s abundantly clear that I must largely do it on my own. No public proclamations…or at least a helluva lot fewer of them.

I can be a little unrealistic: I WILL NO LONGER eat potato chips, drink beer, read news, use FACEBOOK, watch TV, eat meat or sugar, drive when I can walk, be critical of my kids or my husband, spend money on X…blah, blah, blah.

Thankfully, over the course of the positive psychology program I took through the Wholebeing Institute. I was taught something quite valuable and rather easy to incorporate into my daily life.  The simple trick of five percent.

I can improve 5% of damn near anything in my life…

then I can build on that incremental change.

I will try to exercise 5% more.  I will try to spend 5% less. I will try to eat 5% less sugar.  I will try to watch 5% less TV.  I will try to eat 5% fewer potato chips.  I will try to drink 5% less.  (NOTE:  I’ve discovered a great trick.  My beers are now 1/2 club soda and 1/2 beer.  Bartenders aren’t crazy about this order.  Who cares? It’s half the calories, half the alcohol and it’s much better for staying hydrated.)

SO, the next time you notice something you would like to improve in your life— think about a relatively painless 5% shift and just do it.

This might be all you need to get started on a desired new path.

Good luck!  Let me know what works for you.

Half/full or a Half/empty?


Will you think less of me if I confess that I LOVE JANUARY? I know a lot of folks feel quite down after the hustle/bustle of the holidays so I am challenging you to shift your perspective a little and embrace January.

Don’t get me wrong, I really had a great holiday with my family (both immediate and extended). And yet I find myself longing for January days. I think most people would describe me as a half/full kind of gal (and generally that is true). However, by December 28th this introvert needs some solitude, work, rest and my regular diet. I am feeling more than a little half/empty now but I am not going to beat myself up about it and hey, January is just days away. Perspective…

When I think about January the hair stands up on the back of my neck with excitement. I am planning to get to work on a new series of paintings and the drawings and ideas are flowing into my sketchbook. We settle into our routine-with three teenagers routine is a rather silly term, but rhythm anyway. I will clean my closet out on New Year’s Day and am planning to binge on Project Runway All Stars while I get it done. There are things planned, people to see and industry to pay attention to. The days are lengthening, the light changes and spring is only 2.5 months away. So, instead of dreading January you can be its master and make it the month you need it to be.

January really deserves to be loved like December. Please write me and let me know if this was helpful for you. I would love to hear your thoughts.