Check These Out

I LOVE the NYC subway platform bathroom. I need to blow up one of my photos to do this. It is a great small room in the house to do something really out of norm and interesting.

Alcatraz Cell with Lillibridge photo

alcatraz image with lillibridge photograph

I thought this space could really benefit from some art. I took this photo of the underside of an umbrella at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. The colors really work in this space…the rust and metal reflect the personality of the cell. I think it makes this space feel bigger too…you know small spaces need large art and furniture to make them feel much more grand.

Alcatraz Photo by Daniel Hagerman

Traveling to Africa

Painting for Ellen Sabahar


This painting is on its way to Africa this Saturday. The work on this piece started two weeks ago with a few adjectives and an idea of what Ellen, who commissioned the painting had in mind. We collaboratively came up with the concept and then I worked from photographs to try to capture the essence of the Ethiopian textiles. Working on this piece made me realize that I am so about process. I discovered how to use some new carving tools that I hadn’t work with much. I mixed a lot of colors until I got it right. I worked with the stamps. Now the piece is drying after getting a topcoat of Vermont Natural Coatings, a whey based product out of Hardwick, VT. I love this product (see link below).

The bird on the back was my way to give the painting a persona for the journey. I will really enjoy thinking about this bird hanging next to the door of a textile studio in Ethiopia.

The problem with using stamps…


is that I don’t want to ruin the painting. I really like the look of the letters—it will require a lot of practice today. Hopefully by tonight I am showing you the finished piece. Off to the sweatshop…

All in a day’s work.

Lillibridge pendant on its way to california

This pendant is on its way to California


I saw something roughly like this leather flower in TJMaxx and didn’t purchase so I wanted to see what I could make with a stick and some leather scrap. It needs some work, but a whole bouquet of them would be pretty cool.


These are new wood stamps that I purchased and tested today. The painting I am working on will be heading to Ethiopia this weekend. I wish I traveled as much as my goods do.

Change. Spring. Color Study.


This is a painting I did a long time ago. Spring feels like New Year’s Eve to me and is always a good time to think about making some CHANGES. It’s a time to adjust life’s rhythms. So, my intentions are to DO the following things.

1. walk as much as i possibly can
2. do some serious spring cleaning both at home and at the studio
3. watch less television, but good golly, this is a golden age of TV—this will be hard
4. create more
5. read more, preferably on my porch

Good Luck with any changes this season inspires in you!