10 dollar boots & an hour

I found these brand new boots for 10 bucks. I had an hour before a meeting and although I liked the shape of the boots they were too shiny and new (I just hate things to look new).  So, I took them to my studio and started mucking them up.  Here are the results.

Lisa Lillibridge dakota 1966 boots before Lisa Lillibridge dakota 1966 after Lisa Lillibridge dakota 1966 boots after with jeans Lisa Lillibridge dakota 1966 boots behind with green stripe

flawed & resilient


October 12th was my 48th birthday.  I took this photo in the late afternoon yesterday overlooking Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains of New York State.  I was so struck by this image when I downloaded it from my camera. It simply reflected the way I feel at this stage of my life—flawed, unique, resilient, independent and surrounded by wonder and beauty.

visiting old work for inspiration…

gather_LisaLillibridge_4647_2   love_LISALILLIBRIDGE_4642_2sing, Lisa Lillibridge dance, Lisa Lillibridge work_LisaLillibridge_4700_2   SAVE_LisaLillibridge_4696_2

I am working on a commissioned painting with text this week.  I wanted to take a look at the text style and size of some of my older works.  These are no longer in my possession so I have to rely on my photos.  (photos by Dok Wright)

The Federal Art Project (FAP) was the visual arts arm of the Great Depression-era New Deal Works Progress Administration Federal One program in the United States. The program operated from August 29, 1935 through June 30, 1943.

“Folk art expert Holger Cahill, who managed this large program, believed it could demonstrate the government’s commitment to the art community, give artists a sense of participation in American life, and provide the public a stake in American art.”


This series I created as homage to the art created during the WPA (Works Progress Administration) under the the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration.  I love the messaging and graphic nature of the art created during that time.  Can you imagine any modern administration thinking that getting artists to work would be good for our nation’s legacy and to exhibit our government’s commitment to art. Thanks FDR, you truly were one of a kind.

This series of paintings is owned by John Canning/PCC Physician’s Computer Company in Winooski, Vermont.  I hope to sell another whole series another time in my life, it was utterly thrilling.  Thank you John.

I think I need to create a new series based on these posters.

eat-fruit-health-poster1_large dont-gamble-with-syphilis-health-poster1_large

http://vintagraph.com/collections/wpa-posters?page=2  (You can buy amazing Federal Arts Project prints for $15)


cats & old distillery makeovers


How awesome is this 1800 distillery renovation? You have to click through.  It’s really cool.  Keeping the facade was such genius design.


CATS:  Does your cat sleep with the person in the family that is under the most stress or sick? Our cat Karen does this all the time.  They are such remarkable pets.  Here’s an explanation that made sense to me about their behavior.



“Here’s an unknown tip inside the secret life of cats. All cats are empowered to remove accumulated negative energy from your body on a daily basis. While you are sleeping, they absorb it from your body. 

If there is more than one person in the family, and only one cat, it may accumulate an overload of negativity from absorbing energy from so many people. When they sleep, a cat’s body releases the negativity that it removed from you. 

If you are extremely stressed out, they may not have had enough time to release this negative energy, therefore it is stored as fat until they can. Therefore, they will become overweight — and you thought it was the food that you were feeding them!”

the stuff dreams are made of…

dream jpeg lisa lillibridge lillibridge dream dakota 1966 nine year old self

I loved this dream.  I’ve had a bit of crisis of confidence lately in my creative world and this was just the necessary tonic.  You know what my nine year old self loved to do?  I loved to write stories, draw, design a whole Barbie apartment complete with art, furniture and (occasional visits by G.I. Joe), pick up trash, make things out of trash, explore the world around me, play sports, watch television, talk to my friends, travel and eat potato chips.

I guess that old man was telling my inner voices to shut up. You are doing fine.

A LITTLE TAILORING REQUIRED: the story of a jazz musician & a vintage jacket

The last few days I’ve spend some time clearing my head and cleaning out my studio.  I purchased a closet of clothes a few years ago in an estate sale from my friend Funky Frank.  There were some real gems in my purchase. Today I tried on a few sport coats to see what I could have tailored.  I was thrilled to discover a few things in pockets.  So I naturally searched through all of them.  I found receipts, a few coins, a vintage hand wipe cloth and the business card of musician Adam Over from Montreal who apparently plays Jazz Bass. I thought it was so cool that Adam had a card with contact information simply stating that he plays JAZZ BASS.

I wondered about the night when this jacket was worn to a club in Montreal. I’m guessing that after hearing Adam Over the owner of this fabulous jacket needed to have his contact information—perhaps he thought he would need to hire a jazz bass player for a private party in Montreal sometime.

I’ve been doing a lot of sleuthing in the last few weeks.  My life has required it.  I had this realization that little stories like this have meant so much to me my whole life.  And for the record, this striped, double breasted jacket doesn’t require a hug amount of alteration to fit me well.  I just need to have someone nip in the waist and take the shoulders in a bit.

I found a You Tube video of Adam Over playing with Greg Clayton on the street.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ll-Y5nJ6UrA