This is a painting I did a few years ago on a counter top rescued from a building site. I looked at it today in my studio and thought it reflected the way we feel here in northern Vermont. There was spring in the air today and it was amazing. Everyone was greeting each other and talking about how much we needed the coldest winter on record to be over. I think I said, “Happy Spring” about 10 times today to folks I haven’t seen during this endless cold season. The birds in the painting are all reconnecting and making plans with each other. Go forth and connect and make plans…it is SPRING!

2 thoughts on “SPRING finally SPRING

  1. You know I swoon over this one every time I see it. I particularly like the carving; the photo quality really brings lines of the carving out. Beautiful. I swear everyone looked prettier today. Or maybe my heart was just a little lighter because the sun has finally decided show up.

  2. Lisa it’s always a good thing to retain paintings and use them as a reference. Must be a great feeling to be pulling out of deep winter, we are just starting here in Aus.
    I like the style of your bench-top work, quite individual and chirpy. Enjoy your spring.B

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