Oh, the places we go …


Some mornings I feel settled, calmly visiting with Jeff over coffee, reading what I choose, editing photos, and having a bit of discipline not to jump from thought to thought.

Today, however, was definitely not one of those days, maybe the snow threw me off, yesterday was SPRING for goodness sake.

I looked at my browser history for some insight. I could somewhat follow my own tracks. However, if I disappeared today even the most intuitive detective would not know where to begin to understand my bread crumbs…sourdough, whole wheat, cranberry walnut, cheddar jalapeno, then a lone Dorito perhaps?

OOhhhh, I want a cheddar jalapeno bagel now, I can finish this later…or maybe not at all.

Try being a detective and see if you can decipher your own state of mind. I didn’t solve anything. However, I am stepping away from the screen for a while and doing something else.

Here are my links, as if you don’t have enough bread crumbs of your own.




Father and Daughter by Paul Simon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COQPSoRFdwg

Trust your intuition
It’s just like going fishin’
You cast your line and
Hope you get a bite

—Paul Simon

on our coffee drive this morning…

Upon closer observation, I loved this tragic and truly fascinating creature.

I felt an odd kinship of sorts, being a bit prickly myself lately.

“The porcupine, which one must handle gloved, may be respected, but is never loved.”

—Arthur Guiterman, poet


Here’s my own version of that quote.

The end of the school year mother, which one must ‘handle gloved’, should be respected, always loved and often feared.





This is a painting I did a few years ago on a counter top rescued from a building site. I looked at it today in my studio and thought it reflected the way we feel here in northern Vermont. There was spring in the air today and it was amazing. Everyone was greeting each other and talking about how much we needed the coldest winter on record to be over. I think I said, “Happy Spring” about 10 times today to folks I haven’t seen during this endless cold season. The birds in the painting are all reconnecting and making plans with each other. Go forth and connect and make plans…it is SPRING!

Change. Spring. Color Study.


This is a painting I did a long time ago. Spring feels like New Year’s Eve to me and is always a good time to think about making some CHANGES. It’s a time to adjust life’s rhythms. So, my intentions are to DO the following things.

1. walk as much as i possibly can
2. do some serious spring cleaning both at home and at the studio
3. watch less television, but good golly, this is a golden age of TV—this will be hard
4. create more
5. read more, preferably on my porch

Good Luck with any changes this season inspires in you!

Literally waiting for the paint to dry…

Lillibridge, dakota 1966, leather pendant, spring colors

Today, while waiting on a piece to dry that I was priming I made this pendant. I love these colors together. It makes me hopeful that even though it is very cold (17 degrees) in Vermont today that Spring will indeed come again. Here’s to color!

Spring Color

The Deck This Morning

This is an image of our deck table after rain showered down Maple blossoms. The contrast is beautiful on this cloudy May day. Somehow I want more of this green in my life—indoors or in my wardrobe or my designs.

Bryant Park/NYC in the Spring


Bryant Park is one of my favorite places in the city. After a madcap week of college hunting we are home in Burlington, VT where Spring has not arrived quite the way it has 5 1/2 hours south of us. Gorgeous. More images and inspirations tomorrow.