Lillibridge beat up chair with flowers

This is what my brain is like most of the time. I want an old ratty chair and pop art cartoon flowers. I want to be left alone and I want to go to a party. I want to be really thin and I want french fries and beer. Contradictions. Where would be without them? Where will end up if we don’t acknowledge them? I pretty aware of mine and I also have three teenagers always ready and willing to graciously point them out for me. Try to pay attention to your contradictions and see what happens. Maybe they aren’t so bad after all and maybe you will actually learn something from them. I do occasionally OR NOT.

3 thoughts on “contradictions

  1. Contradiction. A word so confusing and interesting at the same time.
    Love that line-“I want to be thin and have French fries and Beer”
    That’s like the Story of my Life.

    🙂 check out my Blog,please?

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