The dress I want.

Lillibridge, dress I want

I need to learn how to sew. I have a lot of ideas for clothes and construction, but I lack the skills. I am a dress size 14 and I have to pay attention to fit, structure and fabric. I see so many designs that I can’t believe stores are even willing to spend the money to make. I see horrible styles, awful prints, small weird pockets where there shouldn’t be any, lots of jewels that you have no idea how to wash, boxy cuts instead of showing a waistline. I don’t understand. If anyone would like me to design clothes for real women, I am up to the challenge. Just call and set up an appointment. OH, wouldn’t that be grand if that was the way the world worked. Hey, universe I would like to be a fashion designer or a race car driver or a musician. Please call. Who knows?

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  1. You know, first of all you have to design clothes which you want to wear:) I do that. Going around the shops trying to find something original, with value – almost impossible. But you have to learn how to sew.. Where do you expose your designs?

    • I have designed for a September Fashion Show STRUT in Burlington, Vermont with friends. I just wish I had the means to design my whole wardrobe and have my seamstress friend make everything. Designing and wearing your own work is so rewarding. What do you love to design and make?

      • You know, everything is possible:)
        I design only jackets, coats and dresses. But working with a developing a platform ItsMeSee – where designers can sell their designs. Because we can have great designs but to reach the public ( a lot of customers) is also very improtant…long story:))

  2. Hi Lisa! The style you show is the “looks good on every body-type” classic. The vertical lines give height, and the curves accentuate the waistline area, even for women who don’t have a well-defined waist. There is a trick to balancing the overall length of the dress with the woman’s height; if it’s too short there’s an appearance of “squatness”. Usually the best length is knee-skimming, just above the knee-cap, or a little below the knee, but above where the calf begins to be defined. I notice you’ve curved the front of the armholes inward. For women who are fleshy in that area, it’s more flattering to curve them out, creating a slightly capped sleeve look. These are tips from my days of dress-making for women of various sizes and shapes.

  3. Hi!Lisa
    I guess design will be what you make it so I’ll leave that to you, but just a comment on sewing.
    My business, for many years, is Interior Design and I cannot tell you the advantages of having a skill set that allows for the building of furnishings from the ground up.
    Over the years my partner and I have seen so many Interior Designers come and go from the radar, based almost solely on their ability to actually understand the industry from its basic form. Sewing and putting together furnishing items, was the way we started our business. We controlled our own workroom initially and handled all of the manufacturing ourselves. Such was the advantage of this primary understanding that we now have many workrooms working for us, not possible without us knowing the pricing and manufacturing process.
    Handling and making the items of furnishing, has been the single most advantageous point in the respect we have been able to muster over time, both by workrooms and the public in general.
    If I could offer any advice to you in your quest, I would humbly say: if you can make your design yourself, then you will understand those designs and be capable of turning on a dime when change is required. You will also have the proper know-how to out-source your making once you have skilled yourself. The more you understand your product the greater the opportunity of success with that product. People respect knowledge in industry. B

    • Thank you for this. I do sew some, I make handbags out of leather scrap and take things in. I agree that known how to “make” gives you a distinct advantage when you get to a place where you can hire out that part. I am hoping to get there soon. It is really good advice that knowledge of construction is respected in the industry. Thank you for taking the time to share this with me.

  4. you know where I live! We have the basic sloper already, now it’s just style lines that get you to the next design. We can do sewing saturdays

    • I know, but you would have to be patient. I am not a good student. I just like the quick sketch, idea, fabric swatches and then onto the next design. I need to slow down a bit. We will do my wardrobe one day though. I can’t wait!

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