The dress I want.

Lillibridge, dress I want

I need to learn how to sew. I have a lot of ideas for clothes and construction, but I lack the skills. I am a dress size 14 and I have to pay attention to fit, structure and fabric. I see so many designs that I can’t believe stores are even willing to spend the money to make. I see horrible styles, awful prints, small weird pockets where there shouldn’t be any, lots of jewels that you have no idea how to wash, boxy cuts instead of showing a waistline. I don’t understand. If anyone would like me to design clothes for real women, I am up to the challenge. Just call and set up an appointment. OH, wouldn’t that be grand if that was the way the world worked. Hey, universe I would like to be a fashion designer or a race car driver or a musician. Please call. Who knows?

Fashion Sketches for STRUT



Here are a couple of quick sketches of some design ideas I have for clothes. I didn’t want to use good fabric for the quick sewn sketch—so I made it out of scraps from my studio floor. When I make this for myself I want to use a very different palette and fabric type. I love the flare with the fitted skirt underneath. I need to consult the expert tailor in my world (you know who you are, Jen) to see about construction. I am not always so practical in my designs—fabric choice, how it can be made etc.. Again, logic not my strongest trait. Happy Saturday!