psychology & creativity

Lisa Lillibridge 2014

Lisa Lillibridge 2014

I’m going to delve into some dense text about the psychology of creativity. I’ve found some outstanding resources and I love to learn about the brain. I enjoy fiction as well, but non-fiction about the brain positively makes me swoon. So, my beach reading for the summer will be about the why(s) of creativity. I want to better understand what makes us creative types hum (and not).

Here’s a fun online test I found today. How creative are you? Today, I am about 77.9% creative. I would love to have you post comments and share your results with me.

4 thoughts on “psychology & creativity

  1. Reblogged this on wrsurya and commented:
    i’d read almost anything labelled ‘psychology’ – or even ‘psychiatry’… the mind is such a boundless realm, it is pleasurable, almost voyeuristic, trying to analyse its intimate aspects…


    • I am sure that you are remarkable good at something you don’t even deem creative. We can have an off day. I got quite different scores taking it twice.


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