The process of LETTING GO…

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These were the first two words in my head this morning at 4:50 (good golly). LETTING GO. There are a number of reasons I believe we all need to do an inventory of our lives and see what it’s time to let go of…stuff, relationships, old ideas, habits, outdated beliefs, narratives about ourselves and so on. At 47 years old and the mother of three teenagers (my first one going to college this fall) it’s a pretty awesome and terrifying time to do this assessment. However, entirely necessary for the survival of myself and those I love. I was reading this site this morning and thought there were a few gems that could be helpful. Great site—well worth some time.

PS I think I should get a skirt made from this print. I think my twin daughters would wholeheartedly agree that a reminder on my clothing to LET GO would be a really good idea.

Letting Go of Attachment to People (from ZenHabits)
Friend yourself. It will be harder to let people go when necessary if you depend on them for your sense of worth. Believe you’re worthy whether someone else tells you or not. This way, you relate to people—not just how they make you feel about yourself.

Go it alone sometimes. Take time to foster your own interests, ones that nothing and no one can take away. Don’t let them hinge on anyone or anything other than your values and passion.

Hold lightly. This one isn’t just about releasing attachments—it’s also about maintaining healthy relationships. Contrary to romantic notions, you are not someone’s other half. You’re separate and whole. You can still hold someone to close to your heart; just remember, if you squeeze too tightly, you’ll both be suffocated.

2 thoughts on “The process of LETTING GO…

  1. I am really interested and pleased you have come across the releasing of ‘Attachments’ as a way to free oneself and love in a totally un-restricted way.
    For some years, I have been working hard to divest myself from attachments and this, I have found at least, is liberating.
    Studying the writings of Taoism has been a revelation in that, in itself, there is no reliance on religious paradigms and so, no attachment.
    Beautiful poetry and words is the mark of these writings and I am aware, could be construed, as attachments in their own right.
    Letting go – such an easy set of words with such a profound difference hiding within.B

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