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I know for me that even a little bit of doodling or drawing in the morning makes me happier and more flexible than when I read the newspaper. I wondered why it makes such a big difference in my overall demeanor…so I did a little research.

I found this fascinating link about what are doodling tells about our psyche.

WOW.  I need to pay more attention to my doodles.

Flowers represent our feminine side, and a desire to see growth, nature, and reproduction. If flowers are in an arrangement, it denotes a sense of family and togetherness. McNichol writes that Jung believed dreams of flowers suggest a need to release emotion people feel unable to express openly.” Deviant Art Journal

You don’t have to be an artist to get the benefits of drawing. 

doodling lillibridge

Just draw, there is no right or wrong. 

“We may not be aware of the complexity of drawing, but when analyzed in detail it becomes clear that drawing is an amazing process that requires precise orchestration of multiple brain mechanisms; perceptual processing, memory, precise motor planning and motor control, spatial transformations, emotions, and other diverse higher cognitive functions, are all involved.” Dr. Lora Likova, a cognitive scientist at Smith-Kettlewell.

This amazing process of drawing, whether observational or conceptual, depends on diverse brain regions:

  • cerebellum (major brain region): movement
  • frontal lobe: reasoning, planning, movement, emotions, problem solving
  • parietal lobe: movement and orientation, spatial relationships, recognition, perception of stimuli, linked to a role in creativity
  • occipital lobe: vision, visual processing
  • temporal lobe: perception and memory

Try using the guide to see what your doodles are telling you. You might learn something you didn’t know was front and center in one of your frontal lobe.

Happy Doodling.

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