It’s been 5 days since STRUT and…

I’ve just hit that big post-event/project let down place.  This really confirms to me how much I love PROCESS.  I like the middle. The finishing and ending…not so much.

This week I gained some insight into why that just might be the case.

  1. I’m from middle America—South Dakota.
  2. I’m the MIDDLE child in my family.
  3. I’m in MIDDLE-pause.  I like this term better.
  4. I’m acutely aware when things are out of balance in my life…a MIDDLE path.
  5. I like things EVEN STEVEN.  I don’t like to owe anyone.
  6. I’m also a LIBRA…scales, balance & justice…that mumbo jumbo.

Now I understand better why some sadness creeps in after I finish a big process.

“We dance around the ring and suppose,

but the secret sits in the middle and knows”

—Robert Frost

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