hey, it’s a summertime thing…


Today I read the New York Times obituary of Paul Ickovic, an eccentric photographer. “Grace Glueck, writing in The New York Times, called him “a wonderfully old-style photographer.”

I wanted to understand my photographic eye a little better after reading about his life. I only looked at June’s photographs through the years. This was not an easy editing process, I could’ve posted 100s of images that mark the start of summer.

“When all is said and done, we are here to ask questions, not to find answers.” —Paul Ickovic

That summer heat has got me feeling lazy
The air is warm and the sky is hazy
People getting down, getting crazy
People getting down, getting stupid, betting crazy

—lyrics from Summertime Thing by Chuck Prophet https://youtu.be/B7VxDzGZppU