HUE/a color or shade

Lillibridge pasta color story

Lillibridge paint colors benjamin moore dakota 1966

We look at certain color scenes and they make sense and are balanced…even if we aren’t sure why. I was searching for a palette for a project in my photos and I noticed that the colors in this photo looked early 90s in their full intensity, but when I softened the hue the palette looked quite modern. It is a daunting endeavor to choose color for our homes. Benjamin Moore has a great site for helping you choose color. Here’s the link.

How different the world looks…




How We See Color (Pantone Color Think Tank)

“The human eye and brain together translate light into color. Light receptors within the eye transmit messages to the brain, which produces the familiar sensations of color.”

Imagine what it would be like to live without our brain and eye’s ability to translate light and color? Try to imagine something very colorful in black and white. It is an interesting brain exercise that just may spark some creativity in the way we perceive all sorts of things in our daily lives.

This is a great site to gain some understanding about how we see color.

Great color article.

We know we are drawn to certain colors but it is interesting to have a greater understanding of why. The studies behind the behavior different colors trigger are important when trying to create a home or workspace that helps you achieve your stated goals. I hope this is helpful for you.


Lillibridge, trio pendant

I guess a sketch is the same as a To-Do list. It is a suggestion that lends some power or credence to your day’s work. On my To-Do list is the need to work with more direction and attention. Too much time gets frittered away (sometimes frittering in on my list though) when I don’t map out my day. A long time ago someone told me that every day they write down the 5 ways they can make the most difference in their world or the world of those they love. This seems like a pretty good way to start the day. Even if 2 of the 5 things get done or even started— I call it a win.


Art In NYC

This art was on a building just a few doors down from The New World Stages where we saw Avenue Q on W 50th Street in NYC. I am so drawn to the palette and the energy of this work. I am also ridiculously inspired by the play of all these colors together…especially drawn to the pop of red. I want to do more work like this. I used to do a lot more line drawing work. I want to get back at it and this work has really caught my attention.

I hope you enjoy it too and if anyone knows who the artist is I would greatly appreciate a head’s up. I thought my picture captured the name and now I can’t find it. Enjoy your day and I hope something that crosses your path sparks your creativity.

Color Study-Inspiration From The Beach

I find it inspiring to look to my photos for inspiration.  I want to create in this beach palette and when you break the colors down the color palette and intensity become clear.

I find it inspiring to look to my photos for spark and muse. I want to work in beachy colors this week. When I break them down—the palette and intensity become clearly defined.