poolside hustle and heartache in Miami…


Carol spoke of

her recent real estate commissions

on multi-million dollar properties



great sex

and what is happiness?

next on to pro golf…son on the PGA?


big houses, exotic travel, horses, tennis, and parties

the perils of managing a huge staff

and eventually

escaping spousal abuse in Mexico

she said she had 42 drinks

then laughed

as the sun lowered over Biscayne Bay

and the palm-treed


Miami skyline


Carol’s best friend in the whole wide world

joined us briefly

kissed me on both cheeks

and bought us a round

she was 6’4”


& impressively tattooed

her mother’s first communion image

Dolly Parton in the 70s

in cursive on her ribs

Miss Kleo

a cat she adored

sadly no more

Roxy’s boyfriend

in town from Toronto

had golden hair

and kept to himself

Wayne, once a DC chef

now hustling

restaurant supplies

his own lifestyle brand

and a starving artist friend’s paintings

unlike galleries

he would only take 20%

his million-dollar smile

and easy poolside ways

must make sales a breeze

he found us later

bearing gifts of stickers from his brand

& the Instagram handle of his artist friend


& a little tipsy

I checked out her art


how can I promote her work as well?

Wayne’s hustle was just that good